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Lead Work

Lead: We're serious 

It's no wonder lead has been favoured for thousands of years. It's an abundant, naturally occurring metal, 100% recyclable, highly flexible and resilient. Designed and applied correctly, lead roofs last for generations, and just keep looking better with age. No roof covering better complements its historic setting, which is one of the reasons why English Heritage advises that lead should be retained and replaced wherever possible despite the risk of theft, a risk we're handling more effectively now with simple security measures.

Lead works just as well on contemporary buildings and for smart specifiers it's the material of choice. In terms of whole life-cycle value, lead beats manmade substitutes. A recent study by the Building Research Establishment (BRE) and Franklin &  Andrews showed that over a 40-year period lead can be up to 50% cheaper than manmade flashing, and over 65 years it's almost 100% cheaper. The study also highlighted the harmful effect UV radiation has on some manmade products, causing brittleness, cutting life expectancy and compromising weather tightness.

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Specifiers should note, however, that lead's benefits can be lost when the material is handled by generalist contractors who lack the necessary craft skills and deep understanding. We have many years of experience and our dedicated team trains continuously. As members of the Lead Contractors Association (LCA) we meet their rigorous standards and our work is guaranteed for 25 years. We have all the necessary public liability insurance and every job is carried out in active compliance with regulations and Hot Work permits.
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