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Random Slate Roofing

Random slating uses slates of differing widths and lengths for an effect that pleases the eye and harkens back to pre-industrial craft styles. It can be quite arresting and plays to the natural beauty of slate. Our success with random roofing comes from our expertise in measuring and gauging out roofs and maintaining suitable head and side laps whilst making sure the roof diminishes evenly from eaves to ridge. We mainly use Welsh and Westmoreland slate for random roofs.

St Denis's Chapel, Harewood Estate, Duchy of Cornwall

St Denis's Chapel, Harewood Estate, Duchy of Cornwall
Re-roofing the picturesque chapel was part of a wider regeneration of the estate initiated by Prince Charles.
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Phillips & Curry Ltd have a wealth of experience in all aspects of masonry. We have a team that is dedicated to producing high quality work which complements our other skilled trades.


A natural, renewable resource with a vast array of applications in structures old and new, timber remains the queen of heritage building materials. We believe in using quality, locally-sourced timber which, in the hands of experienced craftspeople, ensures beauty, functionality and durability.


Roofing has always been the mainstay of our business. Mike Curry has over 30 years experience in the trade and is recognised as a leading authority on stone roofing.

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